Finding the right internet provider in North Carolina

Finding the right Internet provider in North Carolina can be tough. There are so many options to choice from and even tougher to know which one will work best for you! So Nkomazi is here to do a quick breakdown of all the Internet services in North Carolina.

CenturyLink in North Carolina is one of the top DSL providers. This type of Internet runs through the standard phone line. You can download speeds up to 5 Mpbs right in your North Carolina home! CenturyLink is a great service for someone looking to just surf the Internet and does social media, but not so much for the heavy downloader. This option is inexpensive and offers realiable internet.

HughesNet from Continental Satellite is going to be the fastest option for the folks in North Carolina's rural areas. HughesNet high speed Internet in North Carolina can get download speeds up to 15 Mpbs. This will give people in rural areas the ability to download large files, watch YouTube, and check their facebook. HughesNet is also backup back years of great customer service and top quality products.

If you like unlimited surfing then Exede Internet from VSOD might be the Internet service for you. Their Evolution plan offers unlimited web surfing and 5 GB for everything else! They also offer a late night free zone, from the hours 12:01 am to 5 Am. During that time you will be able to download whatever you want! Check out and get Exede in North Carolina today!

Wireless Broadband
The last option is wireless 3g/4g broadband from Blue Fire Broadband in North Carolina. Download speeds range from 2-6 Mpbs and the ability to have unlimited Internet access. This option is great for heavy downloaders, who are not worried about download speed. This is also the most expensive option, but will be worth it to those who are worried about data caps.

I hope this break down of the internet providers in North Carolina helped you choice the best option for you! If you have any questions please send me a email!



  • 03/10/2014

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